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Saturday, June 10, 2017

6 costly mistakes you must not make while reading

All men make mistakes but only the wise one learn from their mistakes. After careful observation and research, I have come up with mistakes readers make while reading. These mistakes, if not avoid can minimize reading effectiveness. So, I have decided to write this article.

   Let me ask you a question, which do you prefer between the two options below?
A. Reading one topic per day and you understand and remember everything in the topic
B. Reading four topics per day and can only remember few.
   Definitely A! It is better to read few things and remember everything than read a lot and remember few. Quality first, then quantity. Don't focus on quantity until you are sure of the efficiency of your reading.

   After reading for a long period of time, you tend to lose concentration. At this moment, your brain loses its retaining ability and you discover you don't understand what you are reading again. When this happens, stop reading temporarily, take some minutes break so that your brain can recover quickly. What if you are having an important examination to read for and you've got little time to prepare? Don't worry, my article on "The ultimate guide to studying for many hours without losing concentration" is the perfect guide for you.

   My friends regard the introductory paragraph of a topic as useless, this is however not true. Do not overlook any sentence while reading, make sure you understand the meaning of every word in every sentence. They all carry hidden information.

   A lot of readers think they understand what they've read only to be asked to explain and discover they don't really understand the concept of the topic. If you think you really understand, tell a friend to ask you questions, explain to them and them go back to the book to check what you're are missing. It is very important not to use word-to-word explanation because it is a sign of cramming, explain in your own words but don't forget the keywords.
   The reading style you choose should depend on what you are reading. Mathematics is understood better by solving more examples, English by using what you've read when communicating, Biology is by relating it to your environment, list of items is learnt faster by using mnemonics. So, choose the right style for the right book.

  Is it necessary to have a reason to read? Yes, it is. I once believed I can read without having purpose but I was wrong. If you also have this believe, then you are lucky you are reading this article. If you are reading for examination, you purpose should be to gain knowledge and have an 'A' in your examination or at least pass. If you aren't reading for examination, your purpose for reading should be to gain knowledge, the reason for gaining knowledge is unending success. This purpose will keep you moving while reading, it will make you focus better on reading. Reading without purpose however make you lose concentration easily. This is because you take reading for granted.

I hope you will avoid these mistakes next time you are reading. You can also read "Reasons Why Students Fail Examination Despite Studying Hard"

What is your opinion on this article? Are you guilty of any of these mistakes? Let us hear from you by using the comment box below.

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